PUBG Player Secures Hilarious and Strange C4 Kill to Win Game

By: Max Mallow


A PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS player posted a clip to the game's console showcasing a strange, yet hilarious way to win a game with a C4.

C4, one of the newer explosive items in PUBG, works just like any other shooter featuring the plastic explosive. Throw it to a surface, trigger it, profit. Call of Duty: Warzone players know just how strong C4 can be and it seems PUBG players are adapting quite well since its addition.

Check out this clip below from EskimoPro.

PUBG Player Secures Hilarious and Strange C4 Kill to Win Game

The clip begins with the player strapping a C4 to a vehicle as only two enemy players are left. Viewers should already know what's going to happen in the final moments.

The player starts to drive the jeep as the zone starts to shrink. The player spots the remaining enemies as they make a b-line toward them in the car. The first enemy is downed and then splattered by the jeep leaving just one remaining.

The final player has no clue what's in store as EskimoPro drives the jeep right beside the enemy and detonates the C4. The jeep explodes killing both the enemy and EskimoPro, but it doesn't matter as the Chicken Dinner was secured.