PUBG Player Knocked Out by Weird Road Glitch

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

By: Isaac Ryu


There are many things that can happen to a player when driving across a map in PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. They could be sniped, sprayed, or end up upside down after attempting a wild jump.

This player however, was definitely not expecting to be instantly knocked out by an invisible road glitch.

This player was driving his car across Miramar in hopes to make it to the next circle before being knocked out by the blue zone. Little did he know, that of all the roads he could have chosen to drive on, he was on route to run into a road that would send him back to the lobby.

Moving at full speed, the Redditor seemingly hits something in the grass as he exits the road and is instantly knocked. After crawling to see what he had hit, he finds that there is nothing there. To make matters worse, his teammate is far from him and the only thing for him to do is wait to die. Luckily the duo wasn't contending for a win as there were still 72 people left in the match.

PUBG has steadily seen a loss in players which can be attributed to the multitude of bugs and glitches that litter the maps. Unless PUBG Corp addresses the issues, more popular battle royale games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, could render PUBG obsolete.