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EDGY Virtual Shop

E-commerce is not something temporary or just a trend. It is here to stay and has radically transformed the way in which many companies are managed.

EDGY virtual shop will run for 2 days and sells limited items action figure, games, toys from original toy manufacturer.

Get your chance to have your hands on rare original piece - our virtual shopping experience allows you to potentially invest in the most sought after pieces, obtained from established sellers while staying safe at home.


This is the opportunity for product owners and collectors to virtually meet in a fun and exciting hub, just as if they are physically together, zooming for details, and examining precious items.

EDGY Esports & Cosplay

EDGY eSports introduces a never-done-before eSports tournament created for a new generation of gamers.

Whether you are looking to compete and win in tournaments or to just have fun while improving your game, nothing beats joining a team of passionate players. Our event offers a solid pathway to progress, no matter what your goal is. 


All skill levels are welcome! 

Our Esports & Cosplay competition is free of charge.

There are 4 games to be played in this competition, they are:

  • CS GO

  • Valorant

  • PUBG

  • Mobile Legend

To join EDGY Esports & Cosplay Competition, please click the "JOIN US" button.

Link will only be available from 7 September 2020 at 13.00pm.

EDGY Talkshow & Workshop

Get the latest news around eSports, Games, Game Developers and toY manufacturers. Our talkshow brings about the current trends that is happening in the gaming world. 

Be around people who are not only passionate about the things you are passionate about, but appreciates the values and skills our society often underestimate.


Be englightened to a world of potentials and new inventions, opening up new levels of appreciation to the digital world. Get your chance to connect with worldclass gamers, developers, casters and game changers only in EDGY CONVEX


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We are Indonesia’s leading concert promoter and event, brand activation and creative agency that was established in 2015.


With a collective experience of over 10 years, we have an impressive portfolio of handling the biggest international concerts in Jakarta including Ed Sheeran, Celine Dion, Backstreet Boys and Shawn Mendes–making us one of the biggest music promoters in Indonesia. 

As an event, brand and creative agency, we have the experience of working together with multinational companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube delivering over 100 events so far. We also co-produced YouTube FanFest Indonesia (2015 - 2019), Anime Festival Asia and 40+ Go Food Festivals!

We are devoted on giving the best quality of service to our customers and clients whilst holding on the highest integrity and commitment. In light of the current situation, we have ventured into doing online festivals, with our first event in May 2020 being Indonesia Online Festival - An Online Festival Experience by PK Entertainment; the biggest three-day online festival in Indonesia.

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